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Free Delivery

Slack orders get free delivery, always. All you have you to do is meet your driver at the curb. We promise it’s that simple. No gimmicks or tricks, just free delivery.

Better Than Catering

Dietary restrictions and waiting in line only to get cold food are the death of catering. With ClusterTruck, there are 100+ menu options to fit almost every dietary preference and your food is always delivered hot.

Easy To Order

Cover your team’s lunch without ever leaving the comfort of Slack. The days of planning tedious lunches a week in advance and picking up the phone to place an order can be behind you.


"I've nearly broken the '/' button on my keyboard we've used the ClusterTruck Slack app so often. It's great for quickly getting everyone at the office on-board for a lunch without distracting individuals with clunky group orders."

Lowell B.

Supply Kick

Allos Ventures

Rachel H.

"The ClusterTruck Slack App brought our team together on busy days that we would have likely worked through lunch at our desks. It was a way for all of us to take a small break and enjoy some great food together!"

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